Galerie "C"  

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Hier sehen Sie eine Auflistung der Stars mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben - C -, die “Bubi” Heilemann fotografiert hat.

These artists starting with the letter - C - have been photographed by Bubi Heilemann.
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Can Howard Carpendale
Eric Carr (Kiss)
The Fox
David Cassidy Cat Stevens
Cats Chris Norman (Smokie) Chris Andrews Tony Christie Chuck Berry
Cindy & Bert Gigliola Cinquetti Eric Clapton
live 1974/79
Cliff Richard 1980 Cliff Richard Homestory 1980
Joe Cocker (1968) Colin Peterson
(Bee Gees)
Phil Collins 1981
Chi Coltraine Brian Connolly
Birth Controll Alice Cooper Richard Crenna    

All Photos © by Wolfgang Heilemann
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